Minnesota Counseling and Therapy Center

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We are here to help and want to provide the best services to you. With that being said, there are different options in covering the cost here at Minnesota Counseling and Therapy Center. 

One option is by billing your insurance company. If you haven't done so already, contact your provider and ask if Erin Leach is in network and what your out patient mental health benefits are. They will help determine what will be covered under insurance, if you will have a copay, or if you will need to reach a deductible. Most insurance companies are accepted.

Another option is to pay out of pocket before each appointment. 
Sliding scale fees are offered

As Erin is an LMFT (fully licensed), her sliding scale fee ranges from $125-175 per session.
Melissa is also an LMFT (fully licensed), and her sliding scale fee ranges from $75-140 per session.

Molly has an LAMFT title (pre-licensure). With that being said, Molly has a lower sliding scale fee due to still being under supervision of Erin until fully licensed. 
-Appointments range from $75-125 depending on need.
-If you require a lower rate than what is offered, please talk to us and we may be able to negotiate in certain circumstances.

We have also added packages that can be found under the Web Store tab. This is a new option that can be taken care of before your first appointment. 

If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call!